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Name Average yield/lactation Geographical range Description (Source) Image
Gir 2000-6000 kg Saurashtra, Gujarat This breed produces the highest yield of milk amongst all breeds in India. Has been used extensively to make hybrid varieties, in India and in other countries like Brazil.  
Sahiwal 2000-4000kg Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana The cow is easily identifiable by its prominent red color
Red Sindhi 2000-4000kg Originated in Sindh, Pakistan. Now widespread.
Rathi 1800-3500 kg Bikaner, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab Type of a w:Zebu cattle.
Tharparkar 1800-3500 kg Sindh (Pakistan), Kutch, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur Bullocks are slow workers. Cows are good milkers. Same species as Rathi.
Deoni Marathwada, Maharashtra  
Hariana 1000-2000 kg Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan Bullocks are useful for ploughing and transport. Cows are good milkers.
Kankrej 1500-4000 kg Bhuj, North Gujarat, Rajasthan Bullocks are strong and hard-working. Among the largest cattle breeds in India
Ongole NA Guntur, Ongole in Andhra Pradesh Bullocks are useful for ploughing and cart-work / transport. Cows are fair milkers. Has natural resistance to both foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease
Red Kandhari NA Marathwada, Maharashtra. Bullocks are good draught animals. Cows are good milkers.  
Nimari NA Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh This is a dual purpose milk and draught breed. Animals are copper colored, with patches of white.  
Malvi NA Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan Bullocks are useful for ploughing. Cows are average milkers.  
Dangi Western Maharashtra Especially good for heavy rainfall areas for draught purpose.  
Khillari cattle Southern Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka Bullocks are hardy and well-known for being fast in work.

Amritmahal 1000-1200 kg per lactation Karnataka Bullocks are well-known for draught power and endurance.
Hallikar Hassan, Mysore, Tunkur districts of Karnataka Draught breed both used for road and field agricultural operations. Closely related to Amrit Mahal. However, are much thinner and produce low yields of milk.
Kangayam Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Bullocks are strong draught animals. Their skin is very strong and tight.
Nagori Nagore, Rajasthan It is an excellent draught breed. Bullocks are good for draught purposes.
Baraguru Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Bullocks are good work animals.  
Kenkatha Banda, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. Bullocks are small but fairly sturdy animals and good for cultivation in rocky areas.
Siri Hills around Darjeeling and Sikkim. Originally from Bhutan. This breed can stand the rugged conditions of the mountains very well. Bullocks are eagerly sought after for draught purposes (ploughing and transport) due to their reputed great strength.

Bachaur Sitamarhi, Bihar. Bullocks are used for draught purpose. Cows are poor milkers.
Kherigarh Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. The cattle of this breed are very active and thrive on grazing only. Bullocks are good for light draught and quick light transport. The cows are poor milkers.  
Mewati Rajasthan Mewati cattle are in general sturdy, powerful and docile and are useful for heavy ploughing, carting and drawing water from deep wells. Cows are said to be good milkers.  
Umblachery Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu It is a draught breed of the Zebu type, similiar to Kangayam but smaller. They are gray with white spots. The bulls are used in the sport of Jallikattu or bull-taming, which is different from the Spanish custom of matadors and running of the bulls.

Krishna Valley Southern border of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh Bullocks are powerful and good for heavy ploughing and slower draught purpose. Cows are fair milkers.
Ponwar Pilbhit, Uttar Pradesh Draught purpose. Cows are poor milkers.
Vechur Kerala Smallest cow breed in the world! Bullocks are mainly used for draught purpose. Cows are poor milkers. In the image alongside, the smaller cow is a 16 year old Vechur cow, while the larger cow is a 6-year old cross bred cow.  
Malenadu Gidda Coastal and hilly areas of Karnataka
Kasaragod Kerala  

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